About Us

Our Founders

Majesty Jeweler was founded by two sisters, Vicky Varela and Gloria Varela. From Colombia at age 16 Gloria was inspired early on to sell jewelry due to her own little custom jewelry collection she had when she was younger, she used this to try to help her family make ends meet. Vicky a couple years younger than Gloria was inspired by her older sister and joined her. Gloria at age 24 and Vicky at 21 decided to move to New Jersey with their family to open a jewelry store to continue their dream. 

Why Majesty Jeweler

Majesty Jeweler is a family owned establishment and has been in business for over 35 years. We buy, sell, and trade jewelry. As well as offer layaway plans (In-Store Only). We have dedicated each moment to treat our customers like Majesty. Here at Majesty Jeweler we do not only pride ourselves in our vast beautiful collection of jewelry but as well as our outstanding customer service.  Our Founders pride themselves with the level of longevity and consistency of the business and as well of the look of a happy client walking out of Majesty Jeweler. We won't rest until you are completely satisfied, to us, you are Majesty.